Whey Loader

Protein Funnel with Pill Compartment

What is Whey Loader

Advance MuscleMass WHEYLOADER is the most innovative and trending supplement funnel in the market. You can carry your supplement in your gym or to your workplace with just a small pocket size container that can be carried in your bag, pocket and purse. This container is very easy to use, very easy to clean and very easy to carry. This is the best replacement of your plastic shaker. As shaker may get dirty and smelly when not properly cleaned. Whereas WHEYLOADER carries only dry powder and hence no spoilage and no smell.

Fill your WHEYLOADER with supplement of your choice by serving scoop. Take a water bottle, unscrew WHEYLOADER nozzle and put it into the water bottle mouth. Tape WHEYLOADER gently to Allow powder loading into the bottle of water, mix well. Have your protein drink.

Tablet case
You can also carry your multivitamin tablet of amino acid tablet in the tablet provided in the WHEYLOADER. It is all in one to carry your supplement. Three different cases provided to keep tablet or capsule. Material used is 100% virgin polypropylene copolymer which is BPA free and food grade.

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Product Instruction

Product Features

  • WHEYLOADER can carry your supplement in your gym and just using water bottle you can make your shake
  • Patented BPA and DEHP free and food grade plastic material
  • Easy to feel, easy to carry and easy to clean
  • New innovative and most trending supplement container in the market
  • Also provides tablet compartment to keep multivitamin tablet of amino acid tablet or capsule